• many angels blow trumpets in a forceful upward gesture of exuberance as Christ returns. jude 14


  • the ladder symbolizes the continuous avenue of communication we have with heaven through prayer.

Christ’s coming

  • Christ wears a golden belt as depicted in revelation 1:13

  • Christ stands on a pillar of fire. revelation 10:1


  • the cloak which is furled behind Christ portrays His continuing love and protection.


  • there are seven rays in a light plum color – seven symbolizes perfection and Christ is perfect.

  • nail prints may be seen in each wrist. this is the only reminder of the scars of sin and its cost.


  • the head of Christ is turned toward the baptistery and with a smile He welcomes each person into a new life.


  • a rainbow surrounds Christ’s head like the one that encircles the throne from which He has just descended to personally welcome His children. ezekiel 1:28


  • grapes and grapevines represent Christ as the vine, we as the branches, together producing much fruit. john 15:1-8

stained glass window

our stained glass window was designed in 1986 to the glory of God by rio glass works at rio lindo academy, a seventh-day adventist boarding school, in healdsburg, california.


the dalle de verre glass, about one inch thick, is of various shades – from clear to the deepest of rich purples and plums. it is composed of approximately 1,500 pieces, most of which have been cut using a diamond band saw so as to provide greater detail.


to add extra brilliance to the glass, a technique called “faceting” has been done by chipping the edges. abrasively etched passages are also used to create a sense of softness, as in the flesh, the material in the robe, etc. the subtlety of the white robe is produced by sandblasting which gives it a softness that glows at night.