operated by the staff and students of oklahoma academy in harrah, oklahoma, messiah's mansion has been in operation since 2003. the students along with many volunteers have completed 46 exhibits in 15 states, canada and jamaica. no matter where the messiah's mansion tabernacle goes it is guaranteed to generate interest from schools, history buffs and families. in october of 2008 the messiah's mansion exhibit drew over 10,000 visitors during its nine day stop in chattanooga, tn.


   Messiah's Mansion

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   Messiah's Mansion

the following are some things to consider when planning your trip to the Messiah's Mansion traveling exhibit:


• no reservations needed

• new tours begin every 15 minutes

• tours run approximately 75 minutes

• special group tours available by appointment in the mornings

• this event is outside, close-toed shoes are recommended