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the tabernacle

begin with a basic structural overview of the hebrew tabernacle.


   Messiah's Mansion

the Messiah's Mansion traveling exhibit brings the sonoma area a chance to learn a little bit of ancient history through a living museum. travel back over 3,000 years into the desert between egypt and palestine where more than two million people banded together to build a tabernacle for their God. each element in the tabernacle had deep significant meaning to the hebrew people and this tour will bring eah symbol to life.

special tours availble


students making a field trip to messiah's mansion?


history club making an ouring of the occasion?


messiah's mansion has openings in the mornings for special groups to hve personal tours. for scheduling, please call 707-996-2008.

the courtyard

as you enter the courtyard your guide will explain the symbolism of the alter of sacrifice and laver.

the holy place

in the holy place, learn about its three distinct elements: the table of shewbread, the alter of incense and the candlesticks.

the most holy place

discover the ark of the covenant, the only article in the most holy place and the most important element in the tabernacle.

the high priest

the last station in the tour focuses on the special garment worn by the high priest and how it affected the history of the hebrews.

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